Monday, February 6, 2012

Modern Toilet Restaurant

Modern Toilet is a unique bathroom-themed restaurant chain with several locations located in Hong Kong and Taiwan.
Everything in the 2,800-square-foot (260 m2), three-story restaurant is based on items from a bathroom. The checkered tile covered walls are adorned with showerheads, while plungers hang from the ceiling along with fæces-shaped lights. The chairs are actual unworking toilets, dishes are served on plastic miniature toilet bowls, and drinks in miniature urinals.

Owner Wang Zi-Wei, an ex-banker, stated that his inspiration for the bathroom themed restaurant came from a robot character from the Japanese cartoon Dr. Slump who loved to "play with poop and swirl it on a stick." From this cartoon inspiration, he started a successful ice cream shop selling swirled chocolate ice cream on top of paper squat toilets. The chain of Modern Toilets started in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and now has 12 restaurants in Taiwan, and Hong Kong with future locations planned in Macau and Kuala LumpurMalaysia.

Customers dine while sitting on acrylic toilets adorned with "roses, seashells or renaissance paintings." The tables that the meals are served on are bathroom sinks covered with glass tops. Meals are served in miniature toilet bowls and drinks are in miniature plastic urinals which the customers can take home with them as a souvenir. Dessert ice cream is served in a dish that resembles a squat toilet.


                                                     Toilet Restaurant in Hongkong

 Toilet Restaurant in Hongkong                                 

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