Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fly with Hello Kitty Themed Jets - cutest airplane ever

Taiwan's EVA Air unleashes Hello Kitty airplanes. 

everything from the fuselage to the flight attendants to the food is  hello kitty themed. 

 The new Taipei-based Hello Kitty jets -- called Apple Jet, Global Jet and Magic Jet -- will operate for at least a year on different routes originating from Taipei.
Magic Jet flies to Sapporo and Guam. Apple Jet flies to Seoul and Fukuoka. Global Jet serves Hong Kong and Tokyo. 
The Hello Kitty journey starts with Hello Kitty boarding passes and baggage stickers. Then passengers make their way to a you-can't-miss-it gate dedicated to the Hello Kitty flyer.
The boarding gate in Taipei's Taoyuan International Airport is pink and features a Hello Kitty playground. 
on board, more than 100 in-flight items are specially designed with the Hello Kitty motif -- including headrest covers, tissues, paper cups, utensils, milk bottles, snacks, soap dispensers, hand lotion, meals and ice cream.
Passengers can also purchase limited edition duty-free products, such as Hello Kitty-shaped pasta, from flight attendants wearing Hello Kitty aprons.
The Hello Kitty theme can be found on the carrier's new Airbus A330-300s. Each of the new aircraft provides 30 premium laurel class seats (EVA's business class) and 279 economy class seats.


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