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8 breast cancer signs to worry

eight (8) breast cancer signs to be concern about. Knowing this breast cancer signs prevent serious complications to your health

You're in the shower and feel a lump in your breast. First step: Don't Panic! Most abnormalities that are felt in the breast are totally benign (i.e. a cycst) and have many causes. If you are pre-menopausal, wait through a menstrual cycle to see if the lump is hormone-related. If not, it's best to call the doctor right away to have it checked.

Armpit lump can be an early form of breast cancer

A lump in the armpit is almost always a swollen lymph node. Lymph nodes can swell for many reasons including illness, infection and other hormonal changes. However, since the armpit is quite close to the breast so treat an armpit lump the same as you would a lump in your breast. If you're pre-menopausal, wait a menstrual cycle and see if it goes away. If your post-menopausal see a doctor right away.

Some Breast rash can be a sign

In very rare cases, a rash on the breast may indicate Inflammatory Breast Cancer, a very serious condition that requires immediate medical attention. In most cases, however, a rash is nothing more than a skin problem of some kind, especially if it's on both breasts. Consider any recent changes in shower gell or laundry detergent before you worry.

Breast itchiness can be due to inflammatory breast cancer

If you experience an itchy breast and it feels like a surface itch, it is probably some kind of skin irritation. If it is a more internal itch that you cannot scratch it may be caused by nerve issues or hormones related to your menstrual cycle. If the itching persists, see a doctor as it could be due to mastitis or inflammatory breast cancer.

Nipple discharges

Hormonal changes may cause a discharge from one or both nipples. If you notice the discharge when you squeeze your nipples; and if it's milky, light green or light yellow, it is most likely hormonal. If the discharge is only in one nipple and happens without squeezing your nipple; and if it's sticky and clear or brown/red, then get it checked by a doctor.

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Nipple Pain, Redness, Scaliness, Oozing

If both nipples are irritated - red, oozing, scaly and itchy - you probably have a skin condition, such as eczema. If the symptoms are in just one nipple it could be a very rare type of breast cancer called Paget's Disease of the Breast. Get your condition checked and do not allow your doctor to dismiss the possibility if your "eczema" does not respond to treatment and ask for further tests (nipple biopsy) to rule out cancer.

Steady Breast pain can be a sign of breast cancer

General breast pain; sharp, sore, achy or all three, is very rarely related to breast cancer. Breast pain will come and go throughout the course of a menstrual cycle as hormones change. Breast size may also change during a typical menstrual cycle and is no cause for alarm. If the pain is steady or comes and goes without any pattern, it should be checked by a doctor, especially if accompanied by obvious breast changes, redness, rash and itching.

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Vibrating or Tingling Breast

One of the more perplexing sensations women feel is a vibrating or tingling in their breast. Some women describe it as feeling like the vibrate mode on a cell phone, while others describe it as the sensation of an arm or leg going to sleep. The good news is, that sensation is almost never associated with breast cancer.

When you see a change in your breast, it can be difficult to separate normal concern for your health from unwarranted panic about cancer. Remember, your risk of getting breast cancer is very low. Breast cancer fear is real, but can be broken down and dealt with. Get to know your breasts and understand the changes you might see. Knowledge is power.


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